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Estudios de georadar y dragado contáctenos

We are specialists in research with Georadar in civil engineering.

Dredging work on cenotes and Georadar services.

Contact us for information on georadar and dredging estudies works. We conduct advanced research with high-tech equipment for subsurface studies as well as dredge with high-performance dredging pumps.

Studies prior to dredging with georadar are very important in karst terrain.

Our georadar, training and training team have been in Sweden, in that country are the best georadar teams in the world as well as the best training for georadar and dredging studies.

-Sergio Granucci Tel. 984 8066040


-Jose Llinares Tel. 984 8762861


Works and studies with georadar


We carry out studies abroad, we speak more than 5 languages per georadar operator.

We have great experience in different environments because we have worked in different countries over the years.

That is why it is familiar for us to move to different countries, regions and continents where languages change and the ways of working as well.

Our international experience encompasses both georadar studies as well as underwater mapping work in open water and caves.

Reef mappings, environmental impact studies, water quality as well as discover pollution hotspots.

Georadar and dredging studies
Georadar and dredging studies karstic terrain

In the photo we see a representation of how the electromagnetic waves from georadar penetrate and bounce in the different types of strata.

Advanced search of objects
Advanced search of objects with metal detector and georadar.

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